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What do you do when God calls you to ministry, but you can’t afford an expensive education?

Some people go into massive debt that limits their capacity to do ministry. Others never get equipped—and they end up stagnant and unable to make an impact. 

We want to help you save money and graduate with no debt.

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Multiply your capacity with an affordable degree

When God called you to ministry, he called you to preparationThis program is the education you need to put all the pieces together for an amazing life of ministry. 


You will graduate with a confidence for ministry that is backed up by your competence in Bible, theology, and ministry.


Learn the culture, history, and meaning of each section of the Bible, while developing tools to study the Bible for your own life and ministry. 


Gain a deep knowledge of God’s nature and work in this world through the study of Scripture and the writings of significant Christians in history. 


Develop essential skills that will prepare you to effectively serve in any ministry context.

General Core

Establish an intellectual foundation for Christian ministry and leadership by studying literature, science, history, and communication. 

We know how to prepare people for ministry

Across the last 50 years, we have sent Christian leaders to more than 50 countries. Our current students include pastors from Kenya, missionaries in places like Paraguay and Spain, pastors in Mexico, and Christian leaders all around the US. 


Don’t just take our word for it.

WBS has been an eye-opener to who God truly is. I've been afforded the opportunity to learn about God differently than what I thought I once knew. I also have made some really great friends, and I feel blessed to study under the great professors. Everybody is so kind and willing to help you learn and grow to be the best student and leader you can be.
Maya Thompson
Current Student
This is a time to fully engage your heart and mind, to have paradigms shifted, pride surrendered, and your knowledge and love for the Lord deepened. I trust and respect the professors at WBS because they understand this and take it seriously . Each professor knows they are called here and they teach like it's their calling, in full humility and love for the Lord and their students.
Meredith Bauman
Current Student

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Wesley Biblical Seminary is accredited by the Commision on Accreditation of the Assocation of Theological Schools. This accreditation is the premier accreditation for graduate schools of theology in the US and Canada.

WBS is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation. The ABHE is the primary accreditor for Bible colleges in the US and Canada.