Unlimited classes. Only $300/mo.

At most schools, you will spend all semester paying off a massive tuition bill. We charge a flat rate of $300 a month. You can take as many classes as you want for that one low price.

Only $300/mo


One Monthly Rate. Unlimited Classes.

We want to make college affordable. We want to make your budgeting easy. And we want you to graduate debt free. For only $300 each month you can take as many classes as you want.

Tuition Lock Guarantee

Most colleges will quote you one price when you start. But by the time you graduate you’re paying 15-30% more. Not here. If you stay consistently enrolled, we will lock your tuition rate where it is when you start.

Don't forget about scholarships

100% Scholarship Rate

If you start this semester, you are guaranteed a scholarship, which will significantly reduce the cost of attending. Our goal is to make sure you graduate debt free. One of the best ways to do that is to save you money with scholarships!

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How It Works

Here’s the truth. Your monthly budget doesn’t work on a semester schedule. But colleges have always required you to pay big lump sums, which is why almost every college student goes into debt.


For $300 each month, you can take as many courses as you want at the College @ WBS. You’ll graduate faster and save money!


The College @ WBS is about helping you. So we’re giving you options. You can pay one flat rate each month for unlimited classes. Or you can pay per class, if that fits you better. 

$300 Monthly Payment Plan

Here’s how to take advantage of this plan.

  • Set up automatic monthly payments.
  • Take as many courses as you want each semester.
  • If you take a break and come back, you’ll pay a $500 re-enrollment fee. If you stay enrolled, you will have zero fees!


The Base tuition cost is $900 per course. You will pay your full semester tuition bill at the start of the semester. Study worry-free the rest of the semester and start saving for the next semester!

Ready to get your degree for $300/mo?

Good news! It looks like you would qualify for a 33% scholarship.


To lock in this scholarship, complete an application today.