What you need to know to get started

Ready to explore how to get started? This page will show you what you need to apply and get accepted at The College @ WBS.

Admissions Criteria

The College @ WBS is designed for passionate followers of Jesus who want to be prepared for a life of ministry. We take seriously both a commited relationship to Jesus and the academic capacity to learn well. The following criteria are what we use to evaluate applicants. 

The Application Process

The application process at WBS is quick and easy. Here are your next steps.


Complete an application

The application takes 2-minutes to complete. An enrollment advisor will be in touch with you quickly to help you through the remaining steps.


Submit pastoral reference and spiritual testimony

We will contact you for the name, phone number, and email address for your pastor. You will also write a 250-500 word testimony that will serve as your writing sample.


Send official transcripts

If you have completed an associate’s degree, you only have to send that transcript. If you haven’t attended college yet, send us your high school transcript. If you have completed some college, then send us those transcripts.


Review and acceptance!

Once we have had a chance to review your information, you will receive notification of the admisisons decision. Once you’re accepted, you’re ready to start!

Transferring Credits

If you have completed courses at another accredited institution, you may transfer them into The College @ WBS. The number of courses that will transfer depends on whether you have completed an associate’s degree and what kind of courses you have taken.

Associate's Degree

If you have completed an associate’s degree, then you will be able to transfer 60 credits into your program at The College @ WBS. You will only take third and fourth year courses at WBS. Your enrollment advisor will take care of this process for you once you have submitted your transcripts and been accepted.

Some College

If you have completed some credits at another college, we will evaluate your transcript to see what credits will transfer. We do our best to match your academic record with our program. However, some credits may not transfer due to the difference in the curriculum between schools.

Affordable Courses

The College at WBS was created as an affordable, high-quality alternative to expensive and unrealistic college options today. 


Generous donors have made this program available to you at an almost unbelievably low cost.


Each credit at WBS is $250. That's a fraction of what other schools charge.

We are committed to helping you prepare for ministry as affordably as possible. For only $250/credit, you can earn your full bachelor’s degree!

Tuition Lock Guarantee

Most colleges will quote you one price when you start. But by the time you graduate you’re paying 15-30% more. Not here. If you stay consistently enrolled, we will lock your tuition rate where it is when you start.

100% Scholarship Rate

For students who start this coming semester are guaranteed a scholarship, which will significantly reduce the cost of attending. Our goal is to make sure you graduate debt free. The best way to do that is to save you money with scholarships!

Ready to grow?